Carroll County Soil Conservation District was first organized in 1950 and has been serving area landowners of Carroll County for over seventy years.

The main objective of CCSCD is to encourage landowners both rural and urban to wisely use and conserve the natural resources in the county. This is accomplished through proper planning in the use of soil, water, plants, woodland and wildlife resources in order to create a desirable environment for people to live, work, and enjoy life.

Special Emphasis has been placed on the conservation and development of land, water and other natural resources for both agricultural and non-agricultural uses. The District is directed by a Board of Supervisors who hold meetings once a month.  Meetings are always open to the public. District Chairman, Tommy Surber, Jerry White District Vice-Chairman, Doris Smith, Ricky Chandler,  Allen Espey. Other District personnel in the office include a full time Program Administrator Donna Bryant. The district is supported by several Natural Resources Conservationist employees, James Woodall, District Conservationist, Lee Harris, Soil Conservationist, Ethan Pipkin, Soil Conservationist, Brittney Viers, A quail Forever Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist .

  Soil health is the continued capacity of life to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains and improves the living condition of plants, animals and humans. The Tennessee Association of Conservation Districts and the Natural Resources Conservation Service are partnering to provide answers to the most frequently asked soil health questions. All accomplishments of the District are the direct result of much work that has been carried out not only by the Carroll County Soil Conservation District, but also by Federal and State agencies, Local groups, Individual landowners and volunteers in the community. We are very Proud of this partnership and look forward to meeting Conservation needs  of our county for many years to come.