Soil Conservation Districts are local units of government responsible for the soil and water conservation work within their boundaries. The districts' role is to increase voluntary conservation practices among farmers, ranchers and other land users. The SCD is governed by an elected board. 

SCD Board Members   Left to Right: Jerry White, (Vice-Chairman), Doris Smith, (District Supervisor), Tommy Surber, (Chairman), Allen Espey, (Treasurer),
Ricky Chandler, (District Supervisor)

This board is responsible for conducting the business of the Soil Conservation District and the use of state grants provided by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. The grants are available to county landowners and are used on erosion control projects with the technical help of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to improve the water quality of our county. The Board meetings are scheduled for 2nd Tuesday of every month (this may vary due to planting and harvesting times) Please go to our website for upcoming events and information. These meetings are open to the public.